Summer Math Assignments
Below is a list of work for the summer of 2020 at the Woodward School.  Each grade/subject has 5 weeks of work.  You may choose any 5 weeks to complete this work but please don’t start too late.   Students must complete one worksheet and one online activity each week.  For the worksheets please print (they are linked and in the folder) or pick up a packet at school then complete them.  On the first day of school please bring in the completed worksheets. We will be able to see when you complete most of the on-line activities.  For the “desmos” activities you don’t need to register but you do need to put in your name.  If you finish early and want more math practice or you have any questions, please contact the math teachers listed here and we will be happy to provide more work and to assist you with the work listed here.   
Mrs. Quintilliani – Middle School Math Teacher (contact for entering 6th, 7th and Algebra 1)

Ms. McNamara – Lead Math Teacher (contact for ANY classes, teaches Pre-Calculus and Calculus)

Mr. Gallant- High School Math Teacher (contact for Algebra 1 and Geometry)
Entering 6th Grade
Week Topic Worksheet Online Activity Link Activity URL
Week 1 Whole Numbers 6-1 Balloon Bursting
Week 2 Decimals 6-2 Decimal Challenge
Week 3 Decimal Operations 6-3 Hotel Decimalfornia
Week 4 Fractions 6-4 Fraction Challenge
Week 5 Measurement 6-5 Make it balance
Entering 7th Grade
Week Topic Worksheet Online Activity Link Activity URL
Week 1 Decimals and Order of Operations 7-1 Decimal Challenge
Week 2 Fractions 7-2 Fraction Challenge
Week 3 Rates and Ratios 7-3 Balloon Float
Week 4 Integers and Graphing 7-4 Mini-Golf Marbleslide
Week 5 Equations and Problem Solving 7-5 Make them Balance
Entering 8th or 9th Grade Algebra 1
Week Topic Worksheet Online Activity Link Activity URL
Week 1 Integers A-1 Adding Integers
Week 2 Geometry A-2 Pool Border Problem
Week 3 Solving and Graphing Equations A-3 Match My Line
Week 4 Solving and Graphing Inequalities A-4 Inequalities on the Number Line
Week 5 Mixed Problem Solving A-5 Turtle Time Trials
Entering Geometry
Week Topic Worksheet Online Activity Activity URL
Week 1 Solving Linear and Absolute Value Equations G-1 Absolute Value Inequalities
Week 2 Graphing Lines G-2 Match My Line
Week 3 Polynomials G-3 Build a Bigger Field
Week 4 Factoring G-4 Wrecks Factor Game
Week 5 Mixed Review Choice Board (any 2)-this is a worksheet but need to research online N/A
Entering Pre-Calculus
It may be helpful to do the online activity before the worksheet
Week Topic Worksheet Online Activity Activity URL
Week 1 Special Right Triangles PC-1 Geogebra-Play and Answer Questions
Week 2 Quadratics PC-2 Match My Parabola
Week 3 Parent Functions and Transformation PC-3 What’s My Transformation
Week 4 Complex Numbers (Notes) PC-4 Visualizing the Imaginary
Week 5 Radicals PC-5 Radical Transformations
Entering AP Calculus
From Calculus Textbook p. 54-55(1-70all) p. 56(1-3all)

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