The Woodward School Private Girls School Near Boston, Massachusetts
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Photo of Ashley Vazzana
"Having girls around you gives you a louder voice compared to girls who go to other schools. It allows you to say really opinionated things and not worry about having everybody gang up on you.  Through my voice, I joined Interact Club last year and we did a lot of community service. I really committed myself to that. My community service here, and this past summer in Costa Rica, motivated me to become the president of Interact Club and continue my passion in community service. Without being here, at Woodward, I wouldn’t have been brave enough to spearhead my own community service passions with school outreach and Bay State. This lead me to Costa Rica where it was super hands on and we got to see the kids and paint roofs and be with the community.” -Ashley Vazzana ’20
Photo of Nia Holloman
"Woodward is a home away from home. Here I was given a strong support system that pushed and believed in me every step of the way. They taught me not to be afraid of my voice, but instead to proudly use it. There were also so many opportunities to excel both inside and outside of the classroom that I wouldn't have gotten anywhere else. Most importantly, it put me in the best possible position to pursue any and all of my passions."  -Nia Holloman '21
Photo of Rachel McIver
"My Woodward experience supported me in my career choice, Law. One of my fondest memories is when Mr. Wesner, the former Head of School, took us into Boston on Law Day. One year we sat in on a court case another time we met attorneys in their offices. Classes such as Rhetoric, Latin, and French helped develop my speech skills and formed my voice. 
Woodward introduced me to my passion, taught me to stand up for myself and to speak for myself. Transformation happens at Woodward.”
Rachael McIver '16


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