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The Woodward School for Girls, founded in 1869 by Dr. Ebenezer Woodward and Mary Greenleaf Woodward, remains committed to educating young women. Bridging three centuries, Woodward continues to provide an independent, college preparatory education emphasizing the development of intellect, character, and academic, personal and leadership skills.   
Woodward invites students from a rich diversity of backgrounds, who are committed to advancing their lives, and the lives of others, through scholarship, community engagement and service. Woodward students are expected to be thoughtful, compassionate, and conscientious members of their communities.  
Woodward’s low student-teacher ratio promotes individual growth and accomplishment, fosters close relationships between students and staff, and creates a dynamic atmosphere for learning. Our alumnae reflect the knowledge and confidence that results from being challenged to achieve their potential.  
Woodward students, families, teachers, administrators, and staff, as well as alumnae and trustees, are all partners striving to provide an environment that fosters excellence in education.  
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Middle School Grades 6 - 8
The middle school years are uniquely transformative for all young people. At Woodward, we are able to focus on the specific needs of girls, to provide a strong academic and personal foundation as they mature. Our middle school curriculum is designed to provide a solid academic base, and the learning tools and habits necessary for success in upper school and beyond. Study skills, time management, reading comprehension, and the math skills that must be mastered before upper school comprise the core of the curriculum. The curriculum is sequenced to build on skills as they are mastered. As students develop greater literacy and comprehension, and their thinking becomes more sophisticated, the curriculum and class expectations are appropriately broadened and deepened. Each year, middle school students participate in the following classes: English, Math, History, Science, Study Skills, Engineering, Art, Theatre, Music, Computer Science, Latin, Health and Wellness and Community Service. 
Upper School Grades 9 - 12
Upper School students are challenged with more freedom, joined with increasing expectations for intellectual development, academic skills, and personal responsibility in the learning process. Course offerings are more diverse, and the course content more narrowly focused. The tools and habits learned in the Middle School continue to be built upon, as students develop into independent, discerning thinkers, with strong reading, writing and presentation skills.   
Upper School students must carry a minimum of six courses each academic year, except seniors who must carry five courses. Students select a required course from each of the core subject areas, plus an additional elective or combination of electives throughout the year to meet program requirements.  Upper School courses are offered as College Prep, Honors, and Advanced Placement (AP) sections. Honors and AP provide students with the accelerated atmosphere and intellectual challenge necessary to prepare them for work at competitive colleges. Students must be approved for Honors or AP level work based upon demonstrated achievement and serious commitment to studies.  Required courses, programs and work include: 4 years of English, 3 years of History, 3 years of Math, 3 years of a World Language, 3 years of Science, 1 year of Computer Science, 1 year of the Arts, the completion of an 11th grade Founders Paper, participation in the IMPACT Learning @ Woodward (IL@W) each year, and Community Service. 
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