Advisory & Clubs at The Woodward School

Woodward is Still Accepting Applications for 2024 - 2025 School Year!

Due to the summer schedule, Woodward School will be closed
on the following Fridays: June 14, 21 & 28 and August 9 & 16.
We will also be closed during the week of July 1st.
We are happy to assist you from 9am - 3pm during the many days we are open this summer!

Advisory & Clubs at Woodward
The philosophy of Student Activities at Woodward centers around personal responsibility and community-building. An energizing aspect of Woodward's size is that we all have the ability to create what is best for the school. Any student or faculty member is welcome to propose a club or organization. Students are given guidance, but they are also asked to independently analyze the purpose of their proposal and the function it will serve at the school. The process can be challenging for some, but it requires that student leaders step away from their own personal needs and examine the needs of a community; additionally, it gives them organizational experience that will be valuable for the rest of their lives.  Clubs that students have participated in include photography, chess, Model UN, National Honors Society, PRISM, ambassadors, yearbook and the Greenleaf Magazine.

Advisory Program 

Woodward’s Advisory Program is designed to cultivate each student’s academic and personal potential.  This time is dedicated to building community, individual leadership skills, and prepare students for success as they contribute to the Woodward community and beyond.

Our girls are provided with opportunities to become confident, disciplined, and clear-thinking leaders. Students learn to deal with both disappointment and success, all with mentoring from faculty members. Whether a young woman is interested in playing sports or performing a play in Latin, she has those options. Students are also regularly tapped to speak at school events and public functions. What is most important to the school is that our students learn the life skills that will translate from the classroom to the world beyond Woodward. 
image of Woodward students playing tug of war in a club activity
Woodward students participating in a club activity
photo of Woodward students playing dominoes during a club activity
photo of 2 Woodward students playing chess in a club activity