Financial Aid - Policies and Procedures
2021 Graduates of The Woodward School
At The Woodward School we believe our education can make a difference in the life of every girl and we believe that a Woodward education should be available to every young woman regardless of financial need. If your daughter is a fit for The Woodward School, we will work with you to make Woodward fit your budget.  
Last year, financial aid was awarded to 75% our student body.  Of those families the average aid amount of $7,250. More than 75% of our families take advantage of our easy 10 month payment plan to help make a Woodward education fit into their budget.
Woodward spends more per student in their education than we receive for tuition using our fundraising efforts to offset this gap. This allows families from all backgrounds living in the Greater Boston and South Shore region to afford a Woodward education.  
Our financial aid awards are need-based meaning, grants are awarded that are not required to be paid back.  A financial aid application takes in consideration your family’s income, size of family, number of children at tuition paying schools, expenses like rent and mortgage and more. And, in the past, full tuition awards have been given to families who truly need help with their tuition.
  • The Woodward School remains committed to our Founders' intent to make an excellent college preparatory education available to as many qualified girls as possible. Woodward does not consider a family's financial circumstances for purposes of the admission process. Admission and Financial Aid are considered separately. 
  • The Woodward School uses the School and Student Services (SSS) system established by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) to determine a family's financial need and to issue aid awards. Need-based aid is calculated by assessing each family's income and expense information, together with factors including family size, tuition expenses for other children, assets, liabilities, and cost of living, as well as the total aid funds available from the School. 
  • Woodward requires that each parent contribute to support the cost of a Woodward education, to the extent of their ability, as determined by our financial aid process. Each parent must submit the financial information required to process an aid application through SSS. Where a student's parents are divorced, separated or unmarried, both parents will be required to submit an individual application, and can be assured of confidentiality in this process. If one parent is not present or able to submit the documentation required, please contact the Admissions Office for instructions to proceed under these circumstances. Woodward follows best practices in the process and procedures of issuing Financial Aid.
  • Once an application is complete with all required information submitted, it will be reviewed by Woodward's Financial Aid Committee. 
  • New applicant families will be notified of any financial aid award at the time admission decisions are issued.
  • Current Woodward families who are recipients of financial aid must reapply annually.  Financial Aid awards for current families will be included in your Re-Enrollment Agreements for the upcoming year, if all required information has been submitted by the deadline.
  • If you have a special situation that would require consideration on the school's part, please contact the admissions office at
Current Families Financial Aid Application Deadline - January 14, 2023
Students applying after this date should contact the admissions office prior to completing the application to ensure the availability of funds.

New Families Financial Aid Application - Deadline January 31,2023
Students may apply after this date and should contact the admissions office prior to completing the financial aid application to ensure the availability of funds.

Please visit the School & Student Services (SSS) website to complete or update the Parents' Financial Statement (PSS) 
or click the link below. 
Please use the Woodward School code - 8312 
The SSS Helpline is 1-800-344-8328

Scholarships at Woodward

All scholarship applications must be submitted prior to your student's interview, and must be completed with the full application, for scholarship consideration. Please note that we are not able to consider late scholarship applications, and adjustments to tuition will not be made after an admission decision.

Quincy Adams Scholarship
The Quincy Adams Scholarship is awarded to Quincy residents, daughters of Quincy municipal employees, and the daughters of any educator teaching within the City. This scholarship honors President John Adams and Abigail Adams for their commitment to education and their historic ties to Quincy and Woodward. To receive the Quincy Adams Scholarship, applicants must provide proof of Quincy residency or employment annually. There is no fee or other application for this scholarship.