Her Story
Meet Emma Will, Woodward Class of 2015
RIT class of 2019, B.S. Bio Medical Science

“Woodward instilled in me ‘a girl can do anything spirit’,” exclaims Emma Will, Woodward class of 2015.  After graduating from Woodward, Emma enrolled at Rochester Institute of Technology. Even though RIT was predominately male (approximately 70% male and 30% female students), Emma felt that the confidence instilled from an all-girls prep school prepared her for this potentially intimidating learning environment. “My first computer science class had 200 students and I was the only girl.” Emma explained, “I was never daunted by the number of men in my class.”

Emma is currently working as an EMT (Brewster Ambulance) while studying for the MCAT’s. She is hoping to enroll in medical school in the fall of 2021. Currently, she is on a Covid 19 forward team working at a drive thru clinic for Covid 19 testing. Emma shared, “Yesterday I smiled thinking of Woodward as three out of the four team members were women!” This team is currently processing 200 patients a day during a grueling thirteen-hour shift with only a half hour break, all while fully suited in personal protection gear including a full body Tyvek suit, a N95 mask, shield and goggles.

Favorite Memories of Woodward
Emma played softball religiously and has a distinct memory of batting practice one day. “I hit the ball so hard that it knocked Mr. G’s coffee cup off the bench, and I thought he was going to kill me! I was so scared that I called my dad to replace his coffee immediately!” 

Favorite class at Woodward
Mrs. Massa taught art and was my favorite teacher.  I had the key to the art supply closet and used my free period do extra art and sit with her. That was always a great time.

When Emma is not working, she enjoys volunteering at Woodward and attending alumni events.

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