Her Story
Meet Alumna, Ashley Pistorino Bouchard

Attended Woodward from 1999 - 2006
BS in Social Science, Plymouth State University
Master of Education and Educational Studies, Southern New Hampshire University
“What Woodward taught me as a woman, is that I can pursue a career while indulging in other
interests. I learned how to multitask at Woodward. Along with my academics, I participated in after
school activities such as the Computer Club, Drama and the Italian Club. Today I can balance being a
teacher and a mother and pursue new passions which led to the creation of my YouTube Channel called,

Any favorite memories?
What I am most fond of is the extra-curricular activities that had a common theme- the idea of
involvement. Traveling to Italy, building the Christmas Float, participating in theater, dining at the
Headmasters house were all opportunities to get to know my classmates, friends and teachers in a new
way which in the end enriched our classroom experience.

Can you give me an example of how you overcame a challenge at Woodward?
The Founder’s Research Paper loomed over us as freshman, even though it was due in our Junior
year. At the time, a ten to twelve-page paper was intimidating. With the support of the teachers, I
found a topic and gained confidence with each reiteration. My paper on Thomas Jefferson ended up
winning the Founders Night award! The Founder’s Paper is a challenge which connects all Woodward
students and alumnae.

How Woodward influenced who I am today?
At Woodward there were teachers with many different backgrounds - those who taught for a long
period of time, teachers in their second careers and alumnae returning to teach. As teachers and
mentors their manner was transparent, authentic and sincere resulting in creating a safe and
empowering community. These attributes are what inspired me to I pursued a career in Higher
Education. When you look at my resume you will see that I’m interested in college admissions, faculty
hiring and faculty training and development.

QUINCY, MA, 02169, USA

Phone: (617) 773-5610


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