Academics at The Woodward School
Academics at Woodward
Woodward's Middle and Upper Schools prepare young women to be capable, confident, compassionate and engaged citizens, as they approach the complex and diverse challenges they will face after graduation. Woodward offers a college preparatory curriculum dedicated to a strong foundation in sound learning skills, academic knowledge, intellectual growth, and creative thinking and expression. Woodward endeavors to teach students to become discriminating, responsible, independent thinkers, fluent communicators, and self-reliant lifelong learners. We expect students to work hard, and to stretch themselves academically and personally, as they discover they can do more than at first seems possible. We prepare our graduates to respect themselves and others, and to understand the value of education, and the obligation to use it to contribute to society.

Woodward’s graduation requirements prepare students for higher education and personal advancement  through a thoughtful, balanced course of study. 

Please contact our Admissions Office if you have additional questions about the academic requirements for entrance to Woodward.
Middle School
The middle school years are uniquely transformative for all young people. At Woodward, we are able to focus on the specific needs of girls, to provide a strong academic and personal foundation as they mature. Our middle school curriculum is designed to provide a solid academic base, and the learning tools and habits necessary for success in upper school and beyond. Study skills, time management, reading comprehension, and the math skills that must be mastered before upper school comprise the core of the curriculum. The curriculum is sequenced to build on skills as they are mastered. As students develop greater literacy and comprehension, and their thinking becomes more sophisticated, the curriculum and class expectations are appropriately broadened and deepened.
Upper School
Upper School students are challenged with more freedom, joined with increasing expectations for intellectual development, academic skills, and personal responsibility in the learning process. Course offerings are more diverse, and the course content more narrowly focused. The tools and habits learned in the Middle School continue to be built upon, as students develop into independent, discerning thinkers, with strong reading, writing and presentation skills.

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The Woodward School is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, and is a member of the Association of Independent Schools in New England, and the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools. 

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