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Meet Tricia Gordon Woodward Class of 2002
Nurse Practitioner Mass General Hospital at Orthopedic Spine Center. 
BS and MS, Boston College.

“Attending a small school like Woodward provided me with a strong sense of community which principles guide me during patent care and supporting my healthcare colleagues.”

Alumni profile
“Attending a small school like Woodward provided me with such a huge sense of community”, says Tricia Gordon, Woodward Class of 2002. “This sense of community is crucial during these unprecedented times in the medical community.” 
Tricia has been on alert status during the pandemic as a deployable employee at MGH who can be moved to any floor of the hospital as needed.  She checks in with her friends on the front lines to see how they are coping during this stressful time. “Healthcare workers are constantly providing support and calming fears during this pandemic in addition to providing medical care” says Tricia. 

How has your Woodward influenced you in your current field?

“Woodward has influenced me in so many ways.  Not only to show that women can be leaders, but the school also stressed the importance of physical health and well-being.”

What was your time at Woodward Like? Any Favorite Memories?

“I had recently arrived to the United States from Trinidad and Tobago when I started at Woodward.  I was very self-conscious and apprehensive to read out loud due to my accent.  I didn’t sound like everyone else.  I was called on to read quite a bit in class and was delighted to learn that my fellow Woodward students loved to hear me read! They enjoyed my accent and I found myself reading more than anyone in class!”

What else did Woodward Teach you besides academics?

“I really enjoy mentoring young nurses during their clinicals.  It reminds me of when I was young and people mentored me.  I put myself in their shoes and try to remember that they must be nervous and unsure of their abilities. I try to assure them that they are qualified and should be confident!”
Footnote:  Tricia is active in the Woodward alumni association and volunteers for many alumni events.


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