Academic Departments at The Woodward School
Woodward's English Department seeks to prepare middle and high school students by encouraging students to read for purpose, achieve a greater sophistication of writing and evolve as critical thinkers who contribute to society.

Middle School Overview
During the middle school years, Woodward stresses the importance of both academic and creative writing, literary exploration, reading comprehension, critical thinking, vocabulary development, and public speaking.

Upper School Overview
The Upper School English Curriculum offers a sequenced and comprehensive course of study in literature, composition, reading, grammar and language. Department courses focus on developing students’ strategies for understanding, interpreting, and evaluating texts through written and oral expression, and are designed to develop able and analytical readers and writers. Placement in an honors or advanced course requires departmental approval.
History & Social Studies
The History & Social Studies Department strives to prepare students who can synthesize information about the past and present, to understand the breadth and depth of the human experience, and to inspire engaged, critical thinkers and globally minded citizens, 
The middle school curriculum is intended to introduce students to methods of historical thinking, broaden their knowledge of the past, and understand how the past influences the present world. Woodward emphasizes analysis, debating and comparing viewpoints, understanding bias, geography skills, and connecting history to the present.
The Upper School History and Social Studies curriculum is designed to provide students with an up-to-date historical perspective, create the opportunity to practice responsible debate on local, national and international issues, and explore the significant philosophical, political, and sociological theories that contribute to our current world view.
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A firm foundation in conceptual mathematics and a facility in working with mathematics are essential skills in today's complex society. A graduate of the Woodward School will be mathematically literate, have confidence in her ability to think logically, apply her knowledge in mathematics to new problem situations, appreciate the relationship of mathematics to advances in sciences and technology, and will value the utility of mathematics as a field of study.
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Woodward's Science Department guides students to see the world from an observer's perspective, using scientific inquiry methods to analyze information and apply it to decisions they make about their immediate and global community.
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Latin & Classical Studies
Through the traditional learning of Latin and Classical Culture, and the formal study of Rhetoric, the Classics Department endeavors to develop students’ mastery of thinking cogently, writing clearly, and speaking with conviction and impact. In Latin, students will develop an ability to read significant works of Roman authors in the original language. Students will reap the benefits of studying a Classical language by gaining a richer appreciation of English grammar and vocabulary, a deeper understanding of artistic and literary references, and an awakened sense of the ancient world. In all levels of Latin, but increasingly in intermediate and advanced courses, girls read classical texts in the original language so that they may understand, analyze, and discuss some of the best works in the literary cannon. 
The program includes a Middle School curriculum of intensive first year Latin in grades 7 and 8. The Upper School curriculum includes Latin I, II, III and IV, as well as Classical Studies and Rhetoric.
World Languages
The World Languages Department seeks to provide students with a strong foundation in the acquisition of their chosen language together with an academic emphasis on; culture, connections, comparisons, communications, and communities. In language acquisition, the focus is on speaking and formal expression, grammatical structure and the reading and appreciation of great works of literature in the original language. 
Computer Science & Information Technology
Information technology coursework at Woodward teaches students to engage with and utilize technology. Students gain valuable insights about the inner workings of computers and electronics, programming, and the use of a variety of professional software applications. Students are asked to consider the bigger picture – the social, cultural and ethical challenges of the digital age, where technology blends with humanity, The Middle School curriculum is designed to teach students to be competent, responsible creators when using technology. Students will focus on the Microsoft Office Suite, which is critical for academic studies. Students will also experience coding and programming through our Lego robotics program. The Upper School curriculum builds on the foundations laid in middle school by giving students more advanced work in electronics and coding, and app development.

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The Woodward School is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, and is a member of the Association of Independent Schools in New England, and the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools. 

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