Josephine Shea

 Photo credit: The Patriot Ledger

Photo credit: The Patriot Ledger

Josephine Shea is director of sales and marketing at Connors & Co., an investment firm. She has worked extensively with Quincy Community Action Programs, where she has served on the board since 2008 and is current president. She is also a member of the Quincy Park and Recreation Board. Josephine was honored in as a Woodward Women of Distinction in 2012.

She was the first woman elected to the Norfolk Country Retirement Board in 1989 and served as acting sheriff of Norfolk County. Her husband is Joseph Shea, Quincy City clerk, and she said his support has also been a key factor in her life.

The program citation noted that “Josephine’s extraordinary accomplishments and her many achievements, along with her sense of responsibility and civic virtue, make her an important role model.”

“Listening and being there for someone going through a hard time. Introducing yourself to someone who is standing alone. Challenging a friend, family member to go outside their comfort zone.”

She said she had spent a morning at the school several weeks ago, visiting classes. “I was so impressed with the environment and how accomplished the students are. Their intelligence and full participation in the classroom. Woodward is a hidden gem.”

Shea spoke to the students about women who have guided and inspired her, including her mother, who died last June, and Phyllis Godwin and Rosemary Wahlberg, chosen for the first Women of Distinction Award in 2007.

She shared “10 simple phrases to live by, thoughts to incorporate in daily life to be a more kind and compassionate person” that she gave to the students.

They included saying to others, “I’m sorry.” “I’m wrong.” “You can do it.” “I believe in you.” “Thank you.” “I need you.” “I trust you.” “I love you.” “I respect you.”
The phrases are especially relevant, Shea said, because “that is one of the major missions they teach at The Woodward School – to be a kind, compassionate person.

“I wanted to leave them those phrases as a mentor. Along the way, if they can live by those thoughts, they also will be women of distinction – as students, in their careers and their families.”

Source: The Patriot Ledger