Woodward Parent Guild

The Woodward Parents Guild is made up of adult family volunteers of currently enrolled students to serve as guild chairs for school program verticals and community focuses. Each chair will work with volunteers and corresponding Woodward staff to enrich the Woodward programs and environment. 

Mission Statement

The WPG operates under the auspices of the Woodward School to meet students’ needs and to provide a welcoming climate for all Woodward families. We seek to enhance the Woodward School experience by fundraising and sponsorship of special events, and providing a communication link between the school and families. 

Guild Overview

Woodward Parent Guild Bylaws

Guild Chairs

  • Administrator: Patti Cedrone P’21 and Paula Touliopoulos P’21
  • Community:  Christina Ramierz - P'22
  • Student Life: Open
  • Arts:  Catherine MacDonagh - P'18
  • Athletics:  Open
  • Beautification: Robin Moyer P’19
  • Parent Liaison: Open

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities 

Meeting Minutes

April 9, 2018 Meeting