Visual Arts

Woodward’s Visual Arts Program complements the school's strong college preparatory program that educates students in grades 6 through 12 in an inspiring, creative arts space. 

The Visual Arts Program at Woodward focuses on guiding young artists to develop a visual language all their own. Students gain a sense of self, while developing an understanding of art making practices, art history, and contemporary art issues. The program provides unique opportunities for freedom of expression in an all girls' environment.

Middle School

Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth grade students are all enrolled in art as part of their required curriculum.

The Middle School art program provides students with a strong foundation in the visual elements and principles of art. Students enrolled in middle school art courses develop skills in foundation drawing, and become increasingly proficient in painting, printmaking, sculpture, and mixed media. The Middle School art curriculum integrates art history and contemporary art into every project.

Upper School

Art I, II, III; Painting and Drawing I, II, III; Advanced Art; Photography

The Upper School visual arts program supports the creativity of the individual artist and her interests. With the background of visual arts training provided in the Middle School, students are guided to build stronger connections in specific media or styles. If this is the first time a student has taken a visual arts course, introductory courses are offered to help students build individual aesthetic, and allow them to gain increasing confidence in the art making process.

Online Art Gallery - Artsonia

Please visit out online art gallery on Artsonia.  Up to date student artwork throughout the school year is presented online.

Woodward Student Art at Thomas Crane Public Library

Woodward Student Art is on display at the Thomas Crane Public Library in Quincy from January 5th through 31st.  A reception will be held on Wednesday January 18th from 5pm to 7pm inside the Atrium at Thomas Crane Main Library.

Art Educator Anna Wingfield with students Ally Gagne, Jody Serani, and Destiny Joseph on Quincy Access Television.