Upper School Clubs

Animal Welfare Club

Mission: The Woodward Animal Welfare Club provides students with information, guidance, and resources regarding responsible animal treatment, animal related issues, and animal welfare. Through education, dialogue, and projects, we will strive to raise awareness of animal welfare issues and strategies students can use to help improve the welfare of animals.

Open to: Grades 6-12.

Audio Visual Club

Mission: The AV Club seeks to teach students to use audio and video equipment to create and support a school news program. Students will learn about video cameras, microphone, lights, and many other facets of video broadcasting. Additionally, the AV Club will provide technical support for theater and music performances as well as many school functions throughout the year.

Open to: Grades 6-12.

Chess Club

Mission: To learn and enjoy playing chess.

Open to: Grades 9-12, all levels. Chess boards will be provided.

Debate Club*

Mission: Do you want to strengthen your critical thinking and public speaking skills and increase your awareness and understanding of public and political issues? This club will allow its participants to develop greater senses of responsibility and self confidence as it encourages the development of conflict resolution skills and our tolerance of others’ views -- especially when those views differ from our own. We’ll do small public speaking exercises in fun contexts and conduct thorough research that will allow us to make and sustain arguments with conviction. We’ll stage small debates amongst ourselves and, after some time and when we’re comfortable and confident, invite other Woodward students and faculty to watch and judge our private debates in hopeful anticipation of our work potentially culminating in debates with other schools in our community.

Open to: Grades 6-12, all abilities.

Drama Club

Mission: To offer a place for students who want to be part of theater, but might not be available for the after school commitment (or who just want more theater!) We will do character work with scenes and will play improv games to increase stage presence skills.

Open to: Grades 6-12, all ability levels.

Environmental Club

Mission: To increase awareness of, and promote activities for, a sustainable environment.

Open to: Grades 8-12.

Greenleaf Creative Arts Magazine

Mission: Greenleaf is the editorial board for the development and production of Woodward’s creative arts magazine. We fundraise for, edit and produce two magazines per year, one for each Academy. Our mission is to create magazines that are reflective of the creative voice at the School. We seek to represent all of the grades in the area of writing and the visual arts.

Open to: Grades 6-12.

International Sisters Club

Mission: Our club includes both American and International students, and its mission is to promote friendship and to learn about the different cultures that are represented in our school.

Open to: Grades 9-12.

Knitting Club

Mission: To share knowledge, projects and a love of knitting in a relaxed, friendly environment. Experienced knitters and beginners alike are welcome. Beginners will learn the basics of knitting: casting on, the knit stitch, the purl stitch, and casting off. We will use our skills to knit colorful squares that will be sewn together into an afghan to be donated either to a local hospital or nursing home.

Open to: Grades 6-12.

Marketing & Social Media

Mission: The Social Media Marketing Club provides students with an opportunity to start developing their own personal brand and apply their newly acquired skills in practical real world scenarios. Students that participate in the club will learn about the latest trends in social media marketing and have an opportunity to use several different social media tools. Students will also learn to sift through raw data to determine user trends and leverage the information to influence social media strategy.

Open to: Grades 9-12.

Math Lab: Upper School

Mission: This Math Lab is for Upper School math students of all levels who require help or simply enjoy math!

Open to: Grades 9-12.

National Art Honor Society

Mission: The National Art Honor Society is an organization of art students committed to promoting volunteerism through the visual arts, developing the potential of students involved in the arts, and improving communities through effective action and leadership of trained students. Students do not have to be currently enrolled in an art class to participate, however, there are requirements in maintaining NAHS membership that will be discussed at the first meeting.

Open to: Grades 9-12.

National Honor Society

Mission: The Katherine Bacon Chapter of the National Honor Society was established to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character in students at The Woodward School.

Open to: Students who have a GPA of 90 or above are invited to apply in their Junior year. Selection is made by the Faculty Council.

Nutrition and Wellness

Mission:In the Nutrition & Wellness Club, we learn about and practice maximizing our health and overall well being through nutrition, fitness, mindfulness, and more! We explore such topics as improving our skin through food, strengthening our bone structure through proper acid-balance and exercise, improving mood through diet and lifestyle, and using communication “hacks” to improve relationships. Topics and activities will be driven by and tailored to the interests and knowledge of members.

Open to: Grades 6-12.

Pop Ensemble II*

Mission: To have fun learning and singing different styles of popular music in a small group.

Open to: Grades 8-12, by audition

Student Council and Student Government

Mission: To promote academic, social and civic opportunities and responsibilities in the life and conduct of the students at Woodward. Student Council is the overall student governing body within the School. Student Government is made up of the Class Officers in each grade, who operate under the auspices of the Student Council.

Open to: Student Council: Grades 11 & 12, Student Government: Grades 6-12, by election.

Woodward MUG Computer Club

Mission: Officially known as the Woodward Macintosh Users Group (WoodwardMUG), our group meets to discuss technology topics, including hardware, software, the latest gadgets, websites, and a variety of other computer topics. Guest speakers, club news and fundraisers are also featured. Our mission is to increase our knowledge of technology through conversation with industry experts.

Open to: Grades 9-12.

Woodward Student Ambassadors

Mission: Student Ambassadors are advocates, supporters and representatives of The Woodward School. Throughout the academic year, the School hosts events, programs and activities such as Admissions Open Houses, fairs and visit days, the annual Alumnae Reunion, and parent-teacher conferences.  Members of the Woodward Student Ambassadors Club in good standing will assist in these affairs and promote the mission of the School by greeting guests, giving tours, sitting on panel discussions, and setting up and breaking down events.

Open to: Students in grades 6-12 must complete and submit an application to either


Mission: The mission of the Yearbook Committee is to produce and publish The Woodward School Yearbook. The Committee is responsible for all aspects of production, including design, content rules, fundraising, sales and solicitation of advertising.

Open to: Grades 11 & 12.

* Indicates after school meeting times