The Woodward School Celebrates its Founders and Academic Excellence

 Lindsey Downey

Lindsey Downey

The Woodward School community gathered for its annual Founders’ Night on Thursday, March 23rd at the School in Quincy.  The annual event celebrates the vision and generosity of the School’s founders’, Dr. Ebenezer Woodward and Mary Greenleaf Woodward, as well as the academic achievements of its students, including the National Honor Society Induction Ceremony, presentations for the Founders’ History Paper Competition, and Declamation Awards.

Students inducted into the National Honor Society in recognition of their scholarship leadership, service and characters:

NHS inductees all Class of 2018

Hailey Costello - Quincy; Jane Guay - Quincy; Maura Hegarty - Quincy; Nhi Luu – Braintree; Kelly Lynch - Quincy; Sarah MacDonagh - Norfolk; Fiona Powers-Ozyurt - Dedham; Ngan Truong - Quincy; Julia Vazzana – East Bridgewater; Ngoc Vo - Braintree; Li Jie Zhao - Quincy

Also recognized on Founders’ Night were the finalists and winner of the Founders’ History Paper Competition and Scholarship Prize, The Founders’ Paper is a junior class requirement, where students write a thesis paper on a topic in U.S. History, and an independent group of judges from outside of the School read and score the finalists’ papers, whose authors are identified only by number.  The Grand Prize Winner is the recipient of the Susan M. Hayes History Award, a tuition scholarship established in memory of former Woodward history teacher and Dean of Students, Susan Martin Hayes.  

Founders’ History Paper Competition Winners:

1st Place (scholarship winner), Fiona Powers-Ozyurt – Dedham; 1st Runner-Up,  Zoe Strassell – Quincy; 2nd Runner-Up, Kelly Lynch – Quincy; 3rd Runner-Up, Lili Zhao - Quincy; 4th Runner-Up, Sarah MacDonagh - Norfolk 8th Grade


Juliana Bangari of Quincy - “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” by Robert Frost

Nia Holloman of Dorchester - “Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou

Natasha Rawls of Bridgewater - “A Natural Fantastic” by Payton Rawls

Swetha Vissapragada of Scituate - “Phenomenal Woman” by Maya Angelou

Jordan Cedrone of Braintree - Susan B. Anthony Speech

Vanessa Clayton of Randolph - “If” by Rudyard Kipling

10th Grade Rhetoric Declamations:

Lauren Fidler of Holbrook - “Gettysburg Address”

Kamille Garrick of Milton - John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s “Moon Speech”

Kimberly Herlihy of Abington - “Election Year”  by Richard Blanco

 Mizuki Matsuoka

Mizuki Matsuoka

Mizuki Matsuoka of Quincy-  “I    KI    Ru”   by Shuntarou  Tamkawa

Nia Twitty of Randolph - “Man in the Arena” by Theodore Roosevelt

Grace Neville of Hull - Taliban victim Malala’s speech to the UN

Hailey Peckham of Canton - Holocaust victim Elie Wiesel to President Ronald Reagan

8th Grade Latin Declamations:

Aisling McGillicuddy of Milton and Arianna Ruhoy of Chestnut Hill - De Urbe Condita by Livy

Swetha Vissapragada of Scituate and Nia Holloman of Dorchester - Roman adages

Juliana Bangari of Quincy - Carmen V.40 by  Marcus Valerius Martialis.

The Christina Cutler Coots Award was presented by Woodward’s Board Chair, Eileen Shaw of Quincy, a gift to support the professional development of Woodward’s excellent faculty, generously given, by the family to remember and honor Christina Cutler, a 1969 graduate of the School.  

 Row 1: Kelly Lynch, Maura Hegarty, Haley Costello -  Row 2: Li Jie Zhao, Julia Vazzana, Fiona Powers-Ozyurt

Row 1: Kelly Lynch, Maura Hegarty, Haley Costello -  Row 2: Li Jie Zhao, Julia Vazzana, Fiona Powers-Ozyurt