Olympian visits Woodward School

Photo credit: The Boston Globe . US soccer star Kristine Lilly showed one of her gold medals and her silver medal to Woodward School student and soccer player Kelly Lynch during a luncheon at the school on March 19.

By Jill Terreri Ramos GLOBE CORRESPONDENT  MARCH 23, 2018
Olympic soccer star Kristine Lilly recently visited the Woodward School in Quincy and spoke to students in advance of the school’s fund-raising gala, where she will be honored.

Lilly, a New England native, and Woodward alum Laurie Graf are receiving the school’s “Women of Distinction” award, and they were on hand to meet students during a luncheon on March 19.

Past award recipients selected Lilly and Graf, said Walter Hubley, head of school at the all-girls institution.

“It’s great for girls to see examples of successful women,” Hubley said. “It may spark a fire of what they’re interested in.”

Lilly has won two Olympic gold medals and a silver medal with her teams, and twice has won World Cup championships. She has also fought for more equitable pay for female athletes and supports various organizations, including Boston Children’s Hospital.

Graf, a Quincy native, is the founder of Center Stage Performing Arts Studio in Quincy. She has a long history with Woodward, which includes serving on its board of trustees, working as a school counselor, and serving as the dean of students.

The school’s gala will be held April 3 at Granite Links Golf Club.

Woodward is an independent school for girls grades six through 12 at 1102 Hancock St.

Source: The Boston Globe

Coach G: Molding Young Women into Winners

Mr. Giordano, aka Coach G, has been coaching at the Woodward School for the last 22 years. Recently, Butch Stearns from Boston 25 visited the school to learn more about our rich athletic history. Please take a few minutes to view the entire segment; you can find it linked below. 

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Three Reasons Why All Students Should Practice Yoga

Students Abigal Willaims, Niamh McGillicuddy, and Samantha Keady

This past fall, The Woodward School launched a new physical education program which focuses on yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. The primary goal of this initiative is to provide Woodward students with a holistic physical education experience that will help improve academic outcomes, social-emotional learning, and physical well-being. The yoga program is led by Ms. Lori Scott, an experienced instructor who has completed 200 hours of yoga teacher training (RYT 200). Although practicing yoga is a new experience for many of our students, they understand the value and have embraced this new form of physical education.

There is no doubt that the current generation of middle and high school students is experiencing a level of stress and anxiety that is far greater than anything that has been documented in the past. From increased demands of school and extracurricular activities to the social expectations placed upon them by their peers, now more than ever, teenagers need an emotional outlet to mitigate some of the negative consequences of stress.

While there is no guarantee that yoga can help students improve their social-emotional well-being, there is a growing body of research that indicates that yoga can, in fact, have a significant impact on this area of a student’s life. This phenomenon occurs in part because the practice of yoga forces students to separate themselves from their technological devices so they can focus on their training without any external distractions. As students become more self-aware through the practice of yoga, they may also begin to develop the skills needed to self-regulate their technology consumption. These skills could ultimately help students use technology in a way that benefits their personal growth as opposed to the contrary. These few examples barely scratch the surface of the positive impacts that practicing yoga can have on a person’s social-emotional well-being, but they are important nonetheless.

Students Sarah Alberione & Georgia Keady

As stated above, that practice of yoga can help students focus inwardly, allowing them to develop a renewed sense of self. This mindset can also have a positive impact on the student’s overall academic success. Practicing yoga can increase one's confidence, which can help students reconcile areas of academic weakness and view them as an opportunity for growth as opposed to an area of deficit. Not only will the student be able to identify areas of weakness, but they will also have the confidence to put in the time and energy to become proficient in their areas of weakness.

In addition to the social-emotional and academic benefits listed above, the practice of yoga can also help minimize physical injuries that student-athletes experience due to improper stretching and a weakened core. The practice of yoga increases muscle elasticity and core muscle strength, critical attributes of any competitive athlete. The importance of developing core muscle strength cannot be understated as it has a direct correlation to quickness, speed, agility, balance and a whole host of other things. We are confident that Woodward student-athletes will benefit from Ms. Scott's instruction.

Please click HERE for more information on the Woodward Yoga Program.


The Woodward School for Girls is an independent college preparatory school serving grades 6 through 12, that has pioneered the education of young woman for since 1894.

The school educates young women from a rich diversity of backgrounds.  The Woodward School honors and cultivates each student’s academic and personal potential to enrich the world with courage and creativity by holding true to its core values.

Woodward today educates students from the City of Boston, Boston’s South Shore, and from overseas. Its current student body is comprised of young women from twenty local communities and a small percentage come from other countries.

Founded in 1869 by President John Adams’ cousin and family physician, Dr. Ebenezer Woodward and his wife, Mary Greenleaf Woodward, the school continues to operate in Quincy. Woodward's rich history continues to guide its unique mission of preparing young women for success as leaders in their colleges and communities.

Please visit our admissions page to learn more about The Woodward School or to schedule a visit. 

2017 Blue Hills Field Trip

On Friday, September 29th, the entire Woodward community embarked on our annual field trip to the Blue Hills. The day was filled with an adventurous hike and lots of community building. Below are a few of the photos that were taken throughout the day. 

If you would like to learn more about the Woodward School, please contact our admissions office. 

Crafters Wanted for the 9th Annual Woodward School Holiday Craft Fair

TIME TO APPLY for the The Woodward School’s 9th Annual Holiday Craft Fair Sponsored by The Woodward Parent Guild.

When: Saturday, December 2, 2017 from 10 am - 3 pm

Application Deadline: November 3rd at 5:00pm

Greetings! We have improved our application and selection process for The Woodward School’s annual holiday craft fair based on feedback from past participants and volunteers. Now, all applications will be reviewed at once by the Craft Fair Committee. This facilitates our ability to select vendors and assign tables. As always our goal is to ensure a diverse mix of high quality hand crafted and artisan goods with no over-representation of any type.

  • Please note the important dates above. All applications must be completed in full and submitted with: this signed acknowledgment, a photo of your item(s), and a check on or before this deadline. We are unable to accept late entries.

  • A 6-foot table is $50. A double space is $95. If you request a double but are assigned a single, we will refund the difference to you. After notification of selection, all fees are non-refundable.

  • We will provide the table ONLY. Please bring your own table coverings. Please note that there is NO extra room around the tables for small tables or stands. There is limited room for these sorts of items BEHIND your table.

  • Access to electricity is available on a limited basis (see draft layouts). Vendors must supply their own extension cords.

  • No open flames are permitted.

  • Vendors are responsible for their own sales tax.

  • Set up time begins at 8:00 am. All tables must be completely set up by 9:45 am. You may unload your vehicle out front at the rotary driveway and then move your car to parking on Greenleaf Street or in our parking lot at 20 Greenleaf. Volunteers will be available to watch your items while you park and help escort you and your items to your assigned space.

  • Breakdown will be completed by 4:00 pm. Each vendor is responsible for his/her own display set-up and teardown. Please leave your area clean and remove all trash. Volunteers will be available to assist, including watching your items at the door while you retrieve your vehicle.


Please contact Jaime Gordon via email (jgordon@thewoodwardschool.org)  or by phone at 617-773-5610. To submit your application, please complete the form below and we will send you the application via email. Once you receive the application, please fill it out and mail it along with this signed form, picture of your table/item, and check to Ms. Gordon at The Woodward School for Girls, 1102 Hancock Street, Quincy, MA 02169. If you are not selected, we will return your check to you.

Holiday Craft Fair Application

* indicates required

Woodward Student Art featured in Art Fest!


Woodward Student artwork on display at the Quincy Art Association Arts Fest September 16th & 17th.

Congratulations Lily Fitzgerald '19, Olaedo Okeibunor '19, Jane Guay '18, Penny Zhang '18 and Arianna Ruhoy '21! These Woodward students have all won awards in the 20th Annual Quincy Arts Fest for their outstanding artwork! Congratulations to all students who submitted work for the Arts Fest! Job well done!

The awards ceremony for Young Artists is Sunday, September 17 at 12:30 pm on the Main Stage at the Arts Fest, which is held annually at Adams Field, 1 Merrymount Pkwy, Quincy, MA.


Belinda Ranstrom Appointed Principal at The Woodward School

The Woodward School Appoints Belinda Ranstrom as Principal

Belinda Ranstrom has been appointed Principal of the Woodward School in Quincy. Ranstrom joined the school over the summer to prepare for its 123rd academic year this fall. The Woodward School first opened its doors in 1894. Founded in 1869 by President John Adams' cousin, Ebenezer Woodward and his wife, Mary Greenleaf Woodward, The Woodward School is an independent college preparatory school for girls in grades 6 through 12.  

Ranstrom's education experience spans 16 years, including 11 years as a teacher and most recently as a Director at the English High School, a Commonwealth Pilot School.  Ranstrom has a BA in Criminal Justice and a MEd in Secondary Education, both from Eastern Nazarene College in Quincy, MA.

In the Principal role, Ms. Ranstrom will manage faculty, and support students and families. Ranstrom has expertise in developing and supporting new teachers. She has worked with professionals who came to education from other backgrounds assisting them in developing instructional and classroom management skills. She has worked as a school leader in planning and implementing school policies to assist in the development of students. Ms. Ranstrom has worked collaboratively with teachers across disciplines to plan project- and problem-based integrated units that allow students to use their knowledge and skills in authentic ways.  She has brokered many strong community partnerships to build meaningful internships for students in Quincy, in Boston and beyond. 

"I am honored to join The Woodward School, a historic institution that has bridged three centuries by remaining true to its founding mission of educating talented and hardworking young women to thrive in college and beyond," said Ranstrom. "I am so very excited to have the opportunity to give back to the School that gave so much to my daughter Joan and my family. I am thrilled to join the amazing team at Woodward."

"Mrs. Ranstrom cares deeply about The Woodward School, and brings with her both the energy and experience necessary to advance our program to the next level. I look forward to working with her," said Woodward’s Headmaster Walter Hubley. 

Ms. Ranstrom’s family works in Education; her husband Lorne is the Education Department Chair at Eastern Nazarene College, her son Erik is a Special Education teacher in Kansas City MO and her daughter Joan Bailey, a 2005 Woodward graduate, is a RN.  Ms. Ranstrom and her husband are also the proud grandparents of five grandchildren.

South Shore Living: Always a Place for Art

Full article and photos:  https://ssliving.com/thinking-outside-the-books/

By Maria Allen | Photography by Andrew Mariner Ayer

Studies have shown that art education aids in the development of creativity. Yet art and music programs are often the first things to be cut from a school budget when money gets tight. And while STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education programs have become increasingly popular, art has largely taken a backseat—until now. A new movement puts added emphasis on art education and puts the “A” in STEAM education.

One local school that is embracing this philosophy is the Woodward School in Quincy. “We’re very committed to incorporating art into our curriculum,” says headmaster Walter E. Hubley. “When you walk down our hallways you find yourself surrounded by exhibits of student work.” Last fall, the private school for girls held a grand opening for a newly renovated art studio space at Wesner Hall Art Center, located across the street from the main school. Art Educator Anna Wingfield teaches everything from drawing and painting to printmaking and sculpture in this sunlit space. Her students have made paper-cut shadow boxes based on favorite works of literature, detailed self-portraits and three-dimensional letter sculptures. Music and theater are also celebrated at the school (Wingfield also leads the school’s percussion ensemble.)

Each year, the Woodward School hosts a school-wide art show known as the “night of the arts,” This year’s event will take place on April 27th. “It’s a really exciting event for the students and it helps convey the importance of the arts,” says Wingfield.


The Woodward School Celebrates its Founders and Academic Excellence

 Lindsey Downey

Lindsey Downey

The Woodward School community gathered for its annual Founders’ Night on Thursday, March 23rd at the School in Quincy.  The annual event celebrates the vision and generosity of the School’s founders’, Dr. Ebenezer Woodward and Mary Greenleaf Woodward, as well as the academic achievements of its students, including the National Honor Society Induction Ceremony, presentations for the Founders’ History Paper Competition, and Declamation Awards.

Students inducted into the National Honor Society in recognition of their scholarship leadership, service and characters:

NHS inductees all Class of 2018

Hailey Costello - Quincy; Jane Guay - Quincy; Maura Hegarty - Quincy; Nhi Luu – Braintree; Kelly Lynch - Quincy; Sarah MacDonagh - Norfolk; Fiona Powers-Ozyurt - Dedham; Ngan Truong - Quincy; Julia Vazzana – East Bridgewater; Ngoc Vo - Braintree; Li Jie Zhao - Quincy

Also recognized on Founders’ Night were the finalists and winner of the Founders’ History Paper Competition and Scholarship Prize, The Founders’ Paper is a junior class requirement, where students write a thesis paper on a topic in U.S. History, and an independent group of judges from outside of the School read and score the finalists’ papers, whose authors are identified only by number.  The Grand Prize Winner is the recipient of the Susan M. Hayes History Award, a tuition scholarship established in memory of former Woodward history teacher and Dean of Students, Susan Martin Hayes.  

Founders’ History Paper Competition Winners:

1st Place (scholarship winner), Fiona Powers-Ozyurt – Dedham; 1st Runner-Up,  Zoe Strassell – Quincy; 2nd Runner-Up, Kelly Lynch – Quincy; 3rd Runner-Up, Lili Zhao - Quincy; 4th Runner-Up, Sarah MacDonagh - Norfolk 8th Grade


Juliana Bangari of Quincy - “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” by Robert Frost

Nia Holloman of Dorchester - “Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou

Natasha Rawls of Bridgewater - “A Natural Fantastic” by Payton Rawls

Swetha Vissapragada of Scituate - “Phenomenal Woman” by Maya Angelou

Jordan Cedrone of Braintree - Susan B. Anthony Speech

Vanessa Clayton of Randolph - “If” by Rudyard Kipling

10th Grade Rhetoric Declamations:

Lauren Fidler of Holbrook - “Gettysburg Address”

Kamille Garrick of Milton - John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s “Moon Speech”

Kimberly Herlihy of Abington - “Election Year”  by Richard Blanco

 Mizuki Matsuoka

Mizuki Matsuoka

Mizuki Matsuoka of Quincy-  “I    KI    Ru”   by Shuntarou  Tamkawa

Nia Twitty of Randolph - “Man in the Arena” by Theodore Roosevelt

Grace Neville of Hull - Taliban victim Malala’s speech to the UN

Hailey Peckham of Canton - Holocaust victim Elie Wiesel to President Ronald Reagan

8th Grade Latin Declamations:

Aisling McGillicuddy of Milton and Arianna Ruhoy of Chestnut Hill - De Urbe Condita by Livy

Swetha Vissapragada of Scituate and Nia Holloman of Dorchester - Roman adages

Juliana Bangari of Quincy - Carmen V.40 by  Marcus Valerius Martialis.

The Christina Cutler Coots Award was presented by Woodward’s Board Chair, Eileen Shaw of Quincy, a gift to support the professional development of Woodward’s excellent faculty, generously given, by the family to remember and honor Christina Cutler, a 1969 graduate of the School.  

 Row 1: Kelly Lynch, Maura Hegarty, Haley Costello -  Row 2: Li Jie Zhao, Julia Vazzana, Fiona Powers-Ozyurt

Row 1: Kelly Lynch, Maura Hegarty, Haley Costello -  Row 2: Li Jie Zhao, Julia Vazzana, Fiona Powers-Ozyurt

The Woodward School Student Government Supports QCAP

The Woodward School, a 122-year-old independent college preparatory school for girls in the heart of Quincy Center, embraced the spirit of giving with a food drive for the Southwest Community Food Center.  The student government representatives from grades 6 and 10 worked with representatives from Quincy Community Action Programs (QCAP) to organize a holiday food drive help families in need throughout Boston, Quincy and across the south shore.

Grade 6 student government representatives Iwalani Kaumeheiwa (Weymouth), Lindsey Packard (Quincy), Monica Warwick (Braintree), Georgia Keady (Dorchester) along with 10th graders Grace Nevill (Hull), and Hailey Peckham (Canton), organized collection locations throughout the school, posted signs, and communicated with families and visitors to bring in food donations that included much needed holiday items in high-demand during the holiday season.  

The Food Center serves more than 600 households every month, providing 520,000 meals a year. From Thanksgiving through December, and for Easter/Passover and the Asian New Year, the organization distributes an additional 1,600 holiday orders. Special holiday food drives are needed to help the Food Center meet this demand. People having difficulty stretching their budgets to cover food costs can receive fresh and non-perishable food once a month. The Food Center staff also provide SNAP application assistance and advocacy, menu planning and budgeting, and provide help to connect households to other QCAP and community services that will help them become economically stable.

"We are so grateful to the Woodward School for lending their support to us through initiatives throughout the year and in particular during the holiday season when families struggle the most," said Beth Ann Strollo, QCAP's Chief Executive Officer. "We rely upon the generosity of our community to carry out our mission, and the young women of the Woodward School represent the next generation of strong, engaged members of our community."

“Civic engagement is a critical component to fulfilling Woodward’s mission of preparing young woman to be inspired leaders and engaged global citizens,” said Walter Hubley, Woodward Headmaster. “QCAP does amazing work to  positively impact its community through the many services they provide.  I am proud to serve as a member of QCAPs’ board of directors, and I am especially proud of our student government’s efforts to help families in need.”

About QCAP
Quincy Community Action Programs, Inc. (QCAP) is the leading private nonprofit organization in the Greater Quincy area dedicated to reducing poverty and helping low-income people achieve economic security and stability. Incorporated in 1965, QCAP serves more than 22,000 unduplicated individuals annually in Quincy, Weymouth, Braintree, Milton, Hull and more than 80 surrounding Norfolk County, Metro Boston, and South Shore Communities. Since the organization’s inception, QCAP has provided nutrition assistance, helping to reduce hunger and malnutrition, and advocate on behalf of low-income families who are “food insecure.” In addition to the Food Center, QCAP provides housing services, adult education and workforce development programs, Head Start and Early Head Start, access to quality and affordable early education and care, family engagement activities, and heating assistance and weatherization.

Woodward Hosts Annual Craft Fair

Led by a volunteer team, The Woodward School held its 8th annual Craft Fair on Sunday December 11th in the main schoolhouse building on Hancock St.  The Robert Johnston Auditorium, the Greenleaf Room, and the lobby were hosts to crafters and vendors offering a wide range of gifts for sale at over 40 tables. Items for sale included jewelry, candles, fudge, flower designs, crocheted and handknit items, photography, gift baskets, clothing, herbed salt, airbrush tattoos, glassware, shell crafts and blankets.

Woodward students sang and performed musical numbers, filling the halls with the sounds of the season.  A cafe decorated by the National Arts Honor Society featured art from Woodward students and offered a place for holiday shoppers to relax and enjoy donated baked goods, hot chili, chowder and other items.

Many of our crafters and vendors have participated in this event over the years and we are especially grateful to them for their support again this year. Planning for next year’s fair is already underway!

A big thank you for to our guests, crafters, vendors, and family, student, and staff volunteers for making this year’s Craft Fair a fun filled success.

The Woodward Drama Club Presents, The Crucible

Over the weekend, the Woodward Drama Club presented The Crucible to  packed audiences, in a two night run at Wesner Hall.  Woodward families, staff, and friends from the community enjoyed a wonderful presentation of this classic tale from American Playwright Arthur Miller, telling the story of the Salem witch trials that took place in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1692.  Theater Director Allison Tucker led the production amidst an imaginative and beautiful set constructed by students and Mr. Stiffler. Talented alumna Katy Flaherty once again produced authentic looking period costumes, and the production also had excellent help from parent volunteers and faculty. Bravo and thank you to all.


The Woodward School, Pioneer in Women’s Education, Inspires Next Generation of Technology Leaders

The Woodward School, Pioneer in Women’s Education, Inspires Next Generation of Technology Leaders

QUINCY, MASS. –  The Woodward School, a 122-year-old independent college preparatory school for girls in the heart of Quincy Center, celebrated Computer Science Education Week with an interactive presentation from Quincy-based General Dynamics Mission Systems (GDMS).  Systems engineer and developer Amy Underwood presented in an assembly of the entire school, grades 6 through 12 and faculty, at the school’s original schoolhouse on Hancock Street in historic Quincy Center. In prior years, Woodward celebrated Computer Science Education Week by participating in the national Hour-of-Code initiative, but has since implemented software development as part of the school’s regular academic program.  Underwood’s appearance is part of an on-going speaker series at Woodward where professionals of various disciplines engage students in discussion and presentation.

Quincy Sun: Discover Quincy Promoting Arts, Culture in Quincy

Pop-Up Art Gallery Nov. 17-19 - 4-8 PM

Discover Quincy has been working to promote arts and culture in Quincy, including the setup of a pop up art gallery in Quincy Center.

"We have partnered with the Quincy Ary Association to transform a vacant retail space downtown into a Pop-Up Art Gallery featuring the work of local artisans:  Alan Jenkins, Amber Buck, Dan Myers, David Osheskie, DJ Stenny, Isabel Shamitz, James Kavanaugh, John Marshall Dyke, Karen L Giovanniello, Lily Kwan, Steve Powers, Tony Andrade, students from the Woodward School for Girls & more, " said Margaret Laforest, Vice President of Tourism for The Quincy Chamber of Commerce.

"The Pop-Up Art Gallery is a wonderful event that brings together professional artists, aspiring artist, as well as students - everyone has something to bring to the arts," said Quincy Art Association President Karen Giovanello. 

Woodward Headmaster Walter Hubley adds, "The arts are a critical part of our STEAM initiative at The Woodward School - the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics with the Arts.  The Pop-Up Art Gallery is a great way for artists throughout the community to get involved, have a voice, and our students are proud to be a part of it." 

The Pop-Up Art Gallery is open Thursday through Saturday from 4 to 8 PM November 17-19. Admission is free.

"As we renovate our cities downtown we recognize the value arts and culture contributes to our City's vibrancy," said Laforest. "With so many great restaurants within walking distance of our location, we encourage diners to stop in to the Gallery where art can be appreciated and purchased. We are grateful to our donors who are committed to the arts and helped bring art to a retail space that wouldn't be financially sustainable without their support. This event is made possible thanks to the support of Discover Quincy, Massachusetts Cultural Council, Key Realty, Quincy Mutual Group, Related Beal, Northeast Community Bank and our media sponsors, Artscope Magazine and The Quincy Sun."

The Woodward School, Pioneer in Women’s Education, Inspires Next Generation of Voters through Reader’s Theatre

The Woodward School, Pioneer in Women’s Education, Inspires Next Generation of Voters through Reader’s Theatre

The Woodward School, a 122-year-old independent college preparatory school for girls in the heart of Quincy Center, recognized this election season with an inspiring, dramatic reinterpretation of Susan B. Anthony’s historic speech, after her arrest for casting an illegal vote in the presidential election of 1872. Susan B. Anthony was a suffragist, Women’s Rights Campaigner, Temperance Worker, Labor Activist, Educational Reformer, and Abolitionist. For her act of voting, Anthony was tried and fined $100, which she refused to pay. 

Patriot Ledger: Woodward wears crown

The Wildcats beat Covenant Christian Academy, 2-1, Thursday to claim their first-ever league tournament title.

By Matt Cook
The Patriot Ledger
QUINCY – It was the biggest thing that’s ever happened to Woodward School.

Those were the words of soccer coach Bob Giordano on Thursday after his team defeated Covenant Christian Academy, 2-1, in the Girls Independent League tournament championship game.

It was the first tournament title in the program’s history, and it came fresh off the Wildcats’ first-ever undefeated regular season (9-0-2).

So it certainly wasn’t hyperbole.

“We’ve always been a basketball or softball kind of power,” said Giordano. “These last couple of years, we’ve only lost one regular-season game. It was their first time going to a championship game, and they held it together.”

Freshmen Dana Galloway (Weymouth) and Sara Cole (Quincy) provided two first-half goals that proved to be the difference. Cole’s 14 goals set a record for the most by a freshman in Woodward history.

“We started together in August, and I’ve got to tell you, I’ve been coaching at Woodward for 20 years, and they’re just a great group,” said Giordano. “There’s never been one problem. It’s always about the team. It’s not about one individual person.”

The Wildcats closed out the year with a record of 11-0-2. They outscored opponents, 59-9, and surrendered just three goals over the final eight games.

Much of that credit has to be given to junior goalkeeper Jasmine Bean (Quincy), who was a backup last year and has since been the go-to netminder.

“I felt like we had everything to lose because we were going undefeated,” said Bean. “And (Covenant Christian) came here fighting for everything. We had a disadvantage, but we also had an advantage because we had beaten them twice.”

As a junior, Bean said she’s thrilled to get another year with the program.

“I’m very happy to have another season,” she said. “The seniors now, they did really well, and I’m glad they went out with a bang.”

Among those seniors is Marissa Albanese (Milton), who set a new single-season scoring record for the program with 19 goals during the regular season.

“It’s definitely great,” she said of the win. “I’ve been here since freshmen year and we’ve always been so close to (winning it all), but this time we really came together.”

She also acknowledged how the team was able to adapt with a change in personnel.

“Coming into this year, we lost a lot of seniors,” said Albanese. “So we had a lot of miscellaneous people coming from different skill levels and we definitely came together to pull through and win.”
Fellow senior captain Molli Morris (Norwell) said that she knew the team had to step it up after having fallen short in each of the last two years.

“Everyone’s personality is so strong on the team,” she said. “When we first came on in August, I barely knew some of the people. It was about us all coming together and making this possible.”

Chidera Onwunaka (Quincy), also a senior captain, said, “playing together as a team and making history together is really important to us, and it means a lot.”

Did Woodward feel any pressure after rolling through the regular season?

“Yeah, obviously,” said Morris. “Going through the tournament, we were all so nervous today.

“But we did it.”

Patriot Ledger Article

Patriot Ledger: Woodward beat Waldorf, 5-0, on Monday to wrap up an unbeaten regular season and clinch a league title.

By Staff reports

Coach Bob Giordano said that before the season started expectations were “very high” for his Woodward School soccer team.

Then star striker Sarah MacDonagh suffered a knee injury and all bets were off.

Turns out, Woodward has been just as good as advertised, even with MacDonagh sidelined.

With senior co-captain Marissa Albanese of Milton setting a new single-season scoring record for the program, Woodward on Monday blanked Waldorf, 5-0, at home in Quincy.

Woodward completed its first-ever undefeated regular season (9-0-2) and won its first-ever league championship, claiming the Girls Independent League crown with a 6-0-2 mark.

“I gotta tell you, the kids rallied around each other (after MacDonagh got hurt) and played super,” Giordano said. “This is one of the best teams I have ever coached in terms of teamwork and pulling for each other.

“They have total confidence in each other. They never quit, they never put their heads down. They worked hard. They deserved (the league title).”

Junior goalkeeper Jasmine Bean (Quincy) posted her fourth shutout of the season.

Freshman Sara Cole (Quincy) scored twice for Woodward, and classmates Dana Galloway (Weymouth) and Carlie Abbate (Weymouth) also found the net.

The other goal came from Albanese, her 19th of the season to break Jasmin Johansen’s record of 18, set about a decade ago.

“She has a knack for the game; she knows where to be,” Giordano said of Albanese. “Her field sense is terrific. And she makes players around her better. That’s the best compliment I can give a player.”

Albanese’s scoring touch has helped Woodward deal with the absence of MacDonagh, although Giordano pointed out that the injured forward hardly has disappeared since bowing out of the lineup.

“She’s really stepped up” in terms of leadership, Giordano said. “It was a devastating blow to the team and to her personally, but she is every bit a part of the team as anybody.”

Woodward will start its league playoffs next week.




The Woodward School, Pioneer in Women’s Education, Gives Voice to Next Generation with New Art Studio

The Woodward School, a 122-year-old independent college preparatory school for girls in the heart of Quincy Center, celebrated the opening of its new art studio last week as the latest development in the school’s long history of giving a voice to young women.

“This beautiful studio demonstrates our continuing commitment to the arts, and the space will inspire the next generation of young women to find their creative voice,” said newly appointed Headmaster Walter Hubley.

The Quincy Sun: Walter Hubley Appointed Headmaster at Woodward

The Quincy Sun – Vol. 48 No.52 – Thursday September 15, 2016

Walter Hubley, a lifelong Quincy resident, has been appointed Headmaster of the Woodward School in Quincy.  Hubley is the thirteenth Headmaster of the school that is beginning its 122nd academic year this fall.  The Woodward School first opened its doors in 1894. Founded in 1869 by President John Adams' cousin and family doctor, Ebenezer Woodward and his wife, Mary Greenleaf Woodward, The Woodward School is an independent college preparatory school for girls in grades 6 through 12.  

Hubley's professional experience spans 28 years, working for major communications companies such as Continental Cablevision, as well as three software startup companies through Pilot House Ventures in Boston. His work includes organizational leadership, software development, product management, and business development. 

Hubley has a BS in Business Administration, a Certificate in Leadership and Management from MIT Sloan School of Management, and leadership training with Thayer Leadership Development Group at West Point.

"I am honored to join The Woodward School, a historic institution that has bridged three centuries by remaining true to its founding mission of educating talented and hardworking young women to thrive in college and beyond as engaged citizens and leaders" said Hubley. "Our strong classical curriculum serves as the foundation upon which the School will continue to excel and I am thrilled to lead the School."

Hubley will draw from his leadership experience, technology background, and passion for the arts to lead Woodward into the future. “Woodward embraces the convergence of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) and the Arts - a convergence known as STEAM. Making cross-curricular connections throughout our programs creates a powerful approach to teaching,” Hubley continues. “We will continue investing in the arts and introduce more advanced computer science classes, critical for advancement in today's globally competitive economy.  At Woodward, it’s full STEAM ahead."

"Walter cares deeply about the future of our City and its young people, dedicating his time and talent to a wide range of community issues over the years. His passion for Quincy, and for The Woodward School's place in it, will serve the school community tremendously well. I very much looking forward to working with him." said Mayor Thomas Koch.

Recently appointed to the Board of Directors of Quincy Community Action Programs (QCAP), Hubley is dedicated to community service. He is the Co-Founder and President of the Wollaston Hill Neighborhood Association, which spearheaded the recent Community Preservation Act (CPA) project at Safford Park on Beale Street, which was managed by the City of Quincy Parks & Forestry Department. He is a former foster parent and long time volunteer foster care case reviewer for the Department of Children and Families (DCF) and a member of the Sons of the American Legion in honor of his father, Edgar, who served in WWII and the Korean War.  

This past summer, Hubley partnered with Councilor Ian Cain and Discover Quincy to organize the first annual PorchFest Quincy, a music festival featuring 70 performances at over 40 locations. Thousands of people from across the South Shore enjoyed music from all genres hosted on neighborhood porches in the Wollaston and Squantum neighborhoods in this free music festival that engaged the community while celebrating local artists.  

Hubley lives on Wollaston Hill in Quincy with his wife Kathryn, and their two children, Victoria and Nathan. His daughter Victoria is a 2016 graduate of Woodward and has begun her first year of studies at Lesley University. His son Nathan is a freshman at North Quincy High School.