Music Department

TThe World Languages Department seeks to provide students with a strong foundation in the acquisition of their chosen language, with an emphasis on national standards of world languages: communication, culture, connections, comparisons and communities. In language acquisition, the focus is on speaking and formal expression, grammatical structure and the reading and appreciation of great works of literature in the original language.

Middle School Music Classes

+ Middle School Chorus

Students will study a variety of song styles from the choral repertoire in 2 - 3 parts as well as learn proper breathing and vocal technique. They will also explore different musical periods as well as basic music theory and solfeggio. Participation in all regular choral performances is required.

Upper School Music Classes

+ Upper School Chorus - Full Year Course

Students will sing more advanced and varied music from the many styles and periods found in the choral literature. In addition, they will discuss music theory, solfeggio and sight-reading as needed to prepare our pieces. Participation in all regular choral performances is required.

+ Music - Rock and Roll History - Full Year Course

Students will explore the progression of Rock and Roll from its beginnings in the 1950’s through today. Participation in class is by reading, listening and discussions about rock and roll musicians and their music. Final exam will be a short research paper and presentation.

+ Music of Broadway and Muisical Theatre - Full Year Course

Students will learn all about Broadway and musical theater from its start in the early 19th century to the present. Participation in this class is by reading, watching film clips and listening to the audios of these works. There will be discussions of the types and time periods of shows, their songwriters, lyricists and producers.

+ Music Theory - Semester

This course includes the study of music theory, harmony and analysis as well as some ear training and solfeggio. Students will develop an understanding of how music is notated and composed as well as learn to read notes and staffs. There will be some composing and harmonizing melodies in various styles and techniques.

+ Music - Ukulele - Semester

Students will learn how to play the ukulele and study its history and origin. They will learn to read charted chords as well as some easy music and rhythmic notation. Practice will include playing single note melodies and strumming chords during class. Home study will include some brief reading and music writing.

+ Music - Drum Kit - Full Year Course

This course is open to introductory drummers. We will explore a variety of percussion instruments and styles using drum sticks or mallets. Included will be class time on a full drum kit and glockenspiel. The focus will be on stick techniques and styles. Students will learn to read and play rhythms as well as create and notate them. History and care of percussion instruments will also be included. Most of class time will be actively spent playing and practicing.

+ Instrumental Ensembles - Semester

This class is for students who already play an instrument. We will combine instrumentation and play music arranged for small ensembles. Each student is expected to practice and play in class. There will be some focus on each individual instrument as well as guidance playing and learning pieces. We will also explore more innovative combinations of instrumentation as well as the more common or usual ensembles.

+ Vocal Technique - Semester

Students will study the mechanics of singing with an emphasis on warm-ups and vocal techniques. Correct breathing and exercises to expand the student’s vocal range and sound will also be taught. We will sing individually as well as in duos, trios and small ensembles. Repertoire will be discussed and chosen by the students and teacher together. Most of class time will be spent actively singing and practicing.