Information Technology

Information technology coursework at Woodward teaches students to engage with and utilize technology. Students gain valuable insights about the inner workings of computers and electronics, programming, and the use of a variety of professional software applications. Students are also asked to consider the bigger picture – where technology blends with humanity, and the social, cultural and ethical challenges of the digital age.

Middle School: The middle school curriculum is designed to teach students to be competent, responsible creators when using technology. Each grade begins the year by focusing on a piece of the Microsoft Office Suite, which is important for academic studies. They also produce projects in fields such as: circuits, 3d design and printing, music creation, program writing, and robotics.

Upper School: The upper school curriculum builds on the foundations laid in middle school by teaching students to use professional grade applications and technology for a variety of industries such as graphic design and web development. Currently, some of the most popular courses are 3D modeling and printing courses using Autodesk’s suite of design applications.

As new technology is developed, our courses evolve to reflect the dynamic world of technology, and new courses are offered each year – most recently: Robotics and Programming, and iOS App Development. 

The library provides computers open to students throughout the day and the Computer Lab provides equipment for our technology classes. All computers are state of the art systems with up to date, professional software. Filtered Internet access is provided to our students so they may research class papers, work on projects, and use email for research and homework safely.  The School also provides password protected, filtered WiFi access to students that bring in their own laptop computers and other Internet connected devices.