English as a Second Language Department

The Woodward School has a strong ESL program in the Middle and Upper schools. We are proud to welcome students from around the globe, and provide them with English instruction according to their individual needs. During the admissions process and when a new student arrives, she is evaluated for speaking, listening comprehension, reading comprehension and writing abilities in English, using a variety of assessments for each category. As a result she is placed in the appropriate ESL class, which meets every day. During other class periods students are immersed in mainstream classes, working with evolving accommodations for their developing English language skills. International students have a teacher/advisor for extra help or other issues.
We offer three levels of ESL, through which the students may advance in one to three years. The final year of ESL study concentrates on preparing for the TOEFL exam, which all international students take before they apply to college.
We also offer our International Sisters Club to all of our students, to encourage friendship and interaction, and to promote multicultural unity within our school.

English as a Second Language Classes

+ ESL I, II, & III

Students are introduced to a sequenced approach to build reading, writing, vocabulary, speaking and listening skills. A textbook and supplemental materials help develop comprehension skills. Students progress through the classes gaining greater mastery of the English language by reviewing the building blocks of language and applying these concepts to their own writing. Students are placed in the appropriate class based on the level of their abilities.

+ English 7 - TOEFL Prep

TOEFL Prep is for international students who have completed two or three years of our ESL classes. It's mission is to prepare international students for the all-important Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), which must be taken to gain admittance to an English-speaking university. Students learn about the format of the TOEFL by direct instruction, practice exams, and targeted vocabulary study. The skills covered include reading comprehension, essay writing, listening comprehension and speaking. TOEFL prep runs as a one-semester course, generally in the fall. Students are encouraged to take the test more than once, usually during the spring of junior year and the fall of senior year.